Here you can find a sample of things I’ve built over the years.

MHCOVID project webpage


Informational and promotional webpage for the "Mental Health COVID" research project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Also provides visualisations that are upated as new data are analysed by the group.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, D3.js

Crossing Time


A whimsical webpage that plays music according to your system clock and the weather where you are. An experiment in "serverless" architecture.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway

Logitech IoT Explorer


An Angular web app used to expose hand-crafted D3.js visualisations of device usage statistics.

Built with: Apache Spark on AWS EMR, Angular 3, TypeScript, D3.js

Food-mood visualisation


Data exploration meets sentiment analysis! Shows the emotions that different countries associate with foods using scraped tweets.

Built with: Javascript, Meteor, D3.js, Python, HTML, CSS

CAGE eQTL browser


An R shiny app used to explore quantitative trait loci found in a multi-tissue gene expression analysis project.

Built with: R, R Shiny, SQLite

Falconer genetic model


A simple R shiny app that provides an interactive visualisation of the genetic heritability model found in Falconer's text.

Built with: R, R Shiny

CNSG Lab Website


Online home of the Centre for Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics, formerly based at the Queensland Brain Institute. Included a web crawler to collect new publications from the lab.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Selenium